Landscaping Services in the Dallas area


Hardscape and Stonework – Anything that is not a plant, from walkways, retaining walls, landscape edging or patios, are considered in this category. Start with the stone work or hardscape during planning because it is the starting point of most landscapes.

Drainage – This is often overlooked or not understood. It is important for your plants and your home that your drainage be at the forefront of the planning process. This process includes grading and leveling the surface, adding french drains, soaker systems etc.

Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation System Water management is key.

Segregate your lawn sprinkler system from your garden beds sprinkler zones. They have separate requirements. Also, consider if your lawn irrigation system should be broken into zones based on the amount of how well the water drains and the amount of water needed in the area.

Make sure your sprinkler irrigation system does not use unnecessary water and includes irrigation system sensors.

Ground Cover / Low-growing plants

All your ground cover, annuals, perennials, herbs and tropical plants, among others. Think of your garden in layers, so that you will always have visual interest no matter the season.


Bushes, shrubs and small ornamental trees fit into this category. Ornamentals will add color to your landscape from season to season.

Choosing Trees

Choosing slower growing hardwood trees may take longer to grow but are better quality and have a better residual value. Faster growing trees, typically have a shorter life span and are of less value to your property.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Lighting can be used to accent trees, borders, pathways, living areas and points of interest, such as water features or ornamentals elements.

Landscape Finishing Touches

Outdoor grills and appliances, fountains, fire pits, and yard art are just a few accessories to compliment your landscape design. They can add the finishing touch to your new outdoor space.

Keep your goal in mind. Is this project an investment in your property to maintain and improve its value, or is it something you want for your family’s enjoyment?

Have a budget. Always buy quality materials. Don’t use cheap materials or the wrong materials just to save money.

Quality is important. Many people make the mistake of going with the lowest priced landscape contractor, or trying to be the general contractor themselves. Poor quality of landscape projects can add up to expensive redos.

Costs for site preparation. This can include removal of plants, dirt, tilling and loosening of soil, or the addition of soil or mulch.

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